Friday 17 June 2016: Weather Report For Vancouver BC

Another warm front is heading north to Vancouver, BC. The warm front was the cold front, which brought cooler weather and rain at Vancouver. The low itself has moved east but because of the strong high pressure over the American southwest desert and the strengthing of the high pressure, the remnant of the cold front as turned into a separate low and warm front, and is currently moving north. The warm front will arrive this weekend. The current forecast as of Friday morning: the warm up will begin after the front departs Vancouver: Tuesday may be the warmest day with maximum temperature of 75ºF. So far it appears, it won’t be a humid heat as the previous few days of heat of earlier this month. During the few days of heat, dew point temperatures were in the mid 50’s. This current warm front may be a little more complexed concerning humidity because the current warm front which is over California   and parts of Oregon: are somewhat subtropical in cloud formation, I have yet to confirmed the higher humidity levels at the surface at southern California.