Monday 13 June 2016. Anti Christian Online Survey From America

I updated all my social media accounts and my email account. I can now communicate by email, to send email to America and receive emails from America. My Snapchat account now towards, I finally communicated to Sleeping At Last via Snapchat. Ryan send me a funny cartoon, with a physical ghost shape body, Roman salute, stars and an antenna. I was reminded of the movie „Life Or Something Like It,“ about the prophet in that movie. I felt very happy my isolation from Aryans, is slowly ending!! Yesterday, I saw a very strange survey, I am not sure, to which extend, the Christian radio station K Love, was involved in the survey, but I noticed from the survey, the survey rarely mentioned K Love but, in general, the survey was written, the radio station which send you this survey or Christian music. I  noticed the intentions of the survey; the survey was intended for younger people born in the early 2000’s, with their consumer stereotype of being obsessed with technology, including technology devices  (the herd mentality syndrome,) and corrupted Zionist terms for the biological genders, race, and the Zionist cultural meaning of Christianity. Plus the survey’s questions about the usage for K Love listening, was intended for K Love being in fashion and not as a method to worship God.