The Terrorist Attack Yesterday Is Being Covered Up By The Madia

The insane non mankind inferior degenerates reporters, still wish to portray the image of racial „utopia,“ which is the main reason, the focus of the terrorist attack isn’t on the ISIS Terrorists nor the terrorists himself. The media did the same thing with the nigger movement in America, which made most people in America angered and the cover up of the nigger movement was one factor of the racial anarchy. Again the mass media is trying to provocate more racial anarchy, in addition to further exploit the current racial tensions, the media is exploiting the fags, for the same reason to further racial tensions but the media is exploiting the fags to further the mass hatred against the fags. People know the truth of all the high tensions, including mass hatred against the fag. The medias‘ goal is to cause more anarchy and killings, this time against the fags and Sandniggers.