Gossipers at Texas & Social Media

I have spoken with my maternal Great Aunt who lives outside of El Paso, TX, now I know the reason why when I speak with my maternal Great Aunt and my maternal Great cousin, sometime, I  seems as if they can’t hear me and or seemed very nervous to the point of losing their focus of our conversation, especially my maternal Great Aunt, I  think she may be very frustrated about the constant earthquake shaking. My great aunt had difficulty sleeping last night because of all the global earthquake which shakes El Paso more than the earthquake shaking at Vancouver Canada. During the somewhat stronger earthquakes at El Paso, the phone lines are briefly interrupted most on the El Paso part of the phone lines. During the solar flares, however, the interruption of the phone lines are very different. During solar flares communication on the phone are limited to a few seconds to about 4 minutes. So far, I  haven’t noticed any total phone interruption when El Paso has earthquakes. I hear a gossiper near my great aunt’s house who went hysterical, when El Paso had an earthquake which scared my Great Aunt’s dog and the hysterical neighbor of my Great Aunt had something about „the end of the world.“ The gossipers in the eastern half of America are more hysterical then the people at Vancouver, concerning global earthquakes. The gossipers on social media were hysterical about the stronger shaking at the eastern half of America compared to the less shaking at Vancouver Canada. The hysterical people in the eastern half of America were reacting as if they were experiencing California strength earthquakes of southern California before southern California had the  big ones.