The Pacific Northwest, Excluding Alaska, Is The Safest Seismic Region Of The Western Hemisphere

I have observed USGS seismic reports for over one decade, during that decade, I have observed many small earthquakes in the eastern American nation. In the science of seismology, frequent small earthquakes indicates, a high seismic activity region, for California, for instance. The San Francisco bay area has the same yearly earthquake occurrence as does the American Northeast. When the 5 magnitude earthquake occurred in the northeast some years ago, my mom become angered for the hidden fact that the American Northeast does have the same seismic activity as does the San Francisco bay area. My mom explain to me, my mom and I lived around the San Francisco bay area 17 years and during those 17 years only ONE moderate earthquake occurred, which was the 1989 earthquake. The earthquake was moderate south of Hollister, CA. My mom further explain her frustration to me by explain to me, that we lived in the Seattle area, longer than we lived in California and during those years in Seattle, we haven’t felt any earthquakes. My mom didn’t consider small local earthquakes as earthquakes because my mom was referring to damaging earthquakes. My mom in addition explain to me, if we had lived at New York City at that time when the northeast had earthquake damage, my mom explained to me, we would had been homeless again. During the years when I lived with my mom in Seattle, my mom frequently told me about earthquakes „it is very safe here.“ There is also a cover up about the safest seismic zones on Earth: the truth is the safest seismic zones on Earth has 6 magnitude earthquake very 40 years. For the seven years I lived at the San Francisco bay area with my mom, the San Francisco bay area had infrequent moderate earthquake (magnitude 5.) Most of the smaller earthquakes occurred at night when I slept or were to small to be felt on the southern San Francisco peninsula, also when we lived at Santa Clara. For 16 years, I lived outside of California’s highly active seismic zones. Since the San Francisco bay area had relatively low seismic activity during the years I lived there, I am not familiar with local moderate nor major earthquakes, in fact I am more familiar with the long distance earthquakes which are felt in the Pacific Northwest.