My Mom Did Angerly Disclosed Her Birth Nation To Strangers

In Seattle my mom was harassed by the herd mentality question, where are you from, my mom responded angerly to them „Germany,“ but my mother’s tone had several expressions, one expression was if she was trying to express „why are you asking such an irrelevant question, motivated by anti white racist discrimination.“ With people whom my  mother somewhat trusted such as the mestizin at the church,   my mom did discuss her birth nation of Germany and the main ministers at the mestizin church were very friendly, for instance, my mom wasn’t familiar with the mestizin type of cooking. The mestizin church had dinner every Saturday night, often my mom wouldn’t recognise the cook food, my mom asked the servers the name of the food and the food ingrediance, the servers were never  racially sarcastic but contrary, the seemed excited to discuss the food with my mom, and frequently the servers would tell my mom, the food taste good. My mom too asked about the chilli sauce , asking them if the chilli sauce was very spicy or lightly spicy. My mom very much disliked the non ministers visitor males. My mom explain to me she overhead their conversations with was about females, drinking liquor. My mom explained to me, those vagabond mestizin men only attended the church service until the bars open.