Sunday 5 June 2016. Vancouver Public Library: Insane Judin Hermphrodite Wanna Be „Time Traveler“

Seriously, I haven’t had to much laughter, concerning the insanity of a Judin man Hermphrodite, who asked questions to me as if the Judin Hermphrodite man was a „time traveler.“ Suppose in the mentality of a wannabe „time traveler“ from the past, who wanted me to realize how a time traveler would view modern electronic communications. The Judin man Hermphrodite asked me about the old fashioned book catalogue of bibliofile, to compared it to modern electronic communications. I responded to the Judin hermphrodite man, a bibliofile was a drawer which had listing of books. Then the wannabe  Judin Hermphrodite man said I was a „bibliofile,“ I then explain to the insane Judin hermphrodite man the term „bibliofile“ in reference for records is old fashioned.The Judin hermphrodite man described the library in old fashioned ideology of libraries of the past (no internet, computers, community activities) is still relevant to modern day library. I explain to the insane Judin hermphrodite wanna be „time traveler“ libraries have many purposes, the internet, and community activities being among several of the uses of modern libraries. In the opinion of the Judin hermphrodite man, the internet, including the technology of modern cell phones is equivalent to massive information stored in bibliofile cards, as if the public library was a storage of only bibliofile cards only, for the insane Judin hermphrodite wanna be „time traveler,“ bibliofile is code name for today’s electronic communications.The funny part about the insanity of the Judin hermphrodite man is, in the science fiction time travel movie, it seems likely a „time traveler“ would use old fashioned terms to describe today’s electronic communications.