Friday 3 June 2016. Insane Sandnigger At Cambie St. Hostel At Vancouver, BC

The other day, I looked on google images, online pictures of the German men on the European football game FC Munchen in Baryern Deutschland. I miss to be in Europe, especially to have real friends, with whom I may joke with, with the same humor of my mom and with I can talk about Nazism freely with, also as similar as my conversations I had with my mom. Whilst I looked at the google images of the football players, they reminded me much of the mannerism of my mom. I also noticed much racial similarities between the German sports men and myself, especially the football player Manuel Neurer. This morning some insane sandnigger lied and said I looked „tan.“ I told the insane sandnigger I don’t look tan, I previously mentioned to the insane sandnigger my ethnicity is German, and the racial fact, I do racially appear as a typical German man.