Sunday 29 May 2016. Hostel At Cambie St. Is A Museum Of Fag Gay Whores

Now, I have discovered the hostel, here in Vancouver, BC, is sort of a museum for non mankind inferior degenerate who are fag whores. The „religious“ Judin hermaphrodite fag man whore, whose name is Chris has a Judin man hermaphrodite fag whore prostitute. Today, I noticed the Judin male fag whore had an injured arm, the old man who is Chris‘ male fag prostitute. Therefore, the hostility of Chris for the injury of his old man fag male prostitute. Yesterday, many of the non mankind inferior degenerates male fag whores at the hostel were angered as the results of the gay old man pimp whore, who most likely is the prostitute boss of the fag men whores at the hostel. It is obvious, gay whore prostitution is occurring among the males non mankind inferior degenerates, because I noticed a difference of clothing style before the old man fag whore gay Judin whore arrived, before the arrival of the old man gay Judin pimp, most of the guests appeared in homeless worn out clothing, suddenly, after, the old man Judin hermaphrodite gay pimp, should up at the hostel, guests at the hostel are wearing non homeless worn out clothes, because of the financial gay whoring financial corruption at the hostel, not only are the Judin gay whore pimps are paying most of the guests at the hostel but the gay non mankind inferior degenerates gay pimps and gay johns are financially bribing the staff at the hostel. The evidence of the gay whore financial bribes is evident in the change of the workers at the hostel. Before the gay whore financial corruption started, real dinners were served during the weekends. Popcorn was served with legal health code standards of many small bowls for everyone to serve popcorn for themselves. The TV room area is now infrequently cleaned, not much drinking juice compared to before the financial gay whore financial corruption started, not even as much snacks compared to before the gay whore financial corruption started at the hostel, as a result of the gay whore financial corruption among the fags, which Brad indirectly told me yesterday, the fags at the hostel are angered at me that the gay whore financial corruption with the guests at the hostel is slowly ending, in addition of less fag whores giving money to themselves at the hostel, the fag whore pimps, gay johns are angered at me for the loss of workers at the hostel, due to the fact of gay whoring financial corruption bribing, also among the workers at the hostel. The evidence of this gay financial corruption at the hostel is manifest by the non mankind inferior degenerate fag whore, angered at me for everything that has to do with Germany, from their hateful mannerism during when I read the Christian Bible in the German language, to when I laugh when funny scence on the TV is shown to mock the non mankind inferior degenerates.