Saturday 28 2016. Last Night I Dreamt Of My Late Mother Maria Hitler Razcon

Last night, I dreamt I visited my mother, who is now at heaven. The house in my dream was a medium sized two story house, with cottage style construction, my mom’s house was on a mount with bright lively green grass, short trees, with flowers typical of Seattle, WA. During my discussion with my mom, I vaguely saw my mom’s face but I felt my mom’s presents and her curisousity to listen to me, similarly when I spoke with my mom at King Arthur’s Court, when we lived in Seattle. I told my mom, I liked Canada, I told my mom about Canada has different racial terms compared to the USA my mom knew, I told my mom, in Canada, ethnicities are generally spoken about, my dream ended, when I told my mom about former „Hispanics“ born in America are trapped in Canada, I saw explain to my mom, the mestizin people doesn’t have a specific racial classification in Canada, while I explained the new Nazi America to my mom, that was why the „Hispanics“ born in America are trapped in America, I sensed from my mom, she knew about the change to Nazi goverments, that was when my dream ended.