My Future Media, The Aryan Supremacist Media

During my reign of the United Kingdom & The Commonwealth, my future mass media will be call media of Aryan Supremacists. I will appoint Minister of Media for each sections of the Commonwealth, similar to the current media at the geographical locations. My media will be totally different from today’s media, I will encourage the Aryan Supremacist to give their own news to their minister of the media, the news reports will include weather reports, travel news of the Commonwealth, planned development, cartoons, jokes. The use of prime minister to speak for me, I will not use. I will release statement via social media, with the equivalent to the government statements of current prime ministers. The future prime minister will help me to govern, for official government issues the government officials will help the people. The minister of Media will be the same as propaganda during the Third Reich, they will make Nazi themed TV shows, movies, media arts such as „performing arts“ involving Nazism, Nazism in music too, similar to the Aryan Supremacist music I currently listen too.