As God Has Chosen Me AS The Future Fuhrer Of The Aryan People, The Anti White Racist Harassing Is Attempted Genocide Against The Entire Aryan Race

God has chosen me to protect the Aryan race, as I represent the Aryan race for God and the World. I am plainly aware of the desires of genocide against the entire Aryan race from the non mankind inferior denegerates. The non mankind inferior degenerates has exploited my swastika shirt, for the non mankind inferior denegerates‘ obvious desire of genocide against the Aryan race, which the non mankind inferior degenerates‘ desire of genocide of the Aryan race is deeply insulting to God Himself, as evidence of God’s wrath is prophecied in the Christ Bible. The desire of genocide of the Aryan race by these non mankind inferior degenerates are deeply insulting against the entire Aryan race, as I am the representative of the entire Aryan race. For example, today’s insult which I know was a desire of genocide against the Aryan race, was asked by a Judin hermaphrodrite fag man named Brad, Brad asked me, the reason, I wear my swastika shirt, for which I didn’t understand the reason or to what Brad was referring about. Then Brad asked me if I believed in that (Aryan supremacy) I responded „yes.“ Then I figured about the motivation of the Judin hermaphrodite fag Brad’s question. Brad does have desires of genocide against the Aryan race by fact of his insanity of homosexuality!! I have noticed guests of the hostel harass me to show my intimate parts to them, for several reason for their homosexual desire for me, and to know the physical appearance of Aryan male intimate parts, their homosexuality is deeply insulting to the point of actual attempted Aryan genocide, which I have written the facts of this, by their non sense insults of the entire Aryan race by my swastika shirt (exploitation). In plain terms, the insane non mankind inferior degenerates have used my shirt of their own scape goat, to express their desires of committing genocide against the Aryan race. The fags at the hostel has a collective mentality of (you see me naked, now I want to see you naked.) I discovered their attempts to see me naked this morning, when a Judin hermaphrodite exposed his wannabe female virgina which supposed to be his butt, for which legitimate reason would I wish to see a Judin male fag man’s wanna be female virgina, again, need I need to remind you the purpose of homosexuality?! The purpose of homosexuality is both to murder and to committed suicide, should I need to remind you that I am the representative of the Aryan race, SHOULD I need to remind you the collective desire of the non mankind inferior degenerates homosexual fags, YES, their collective desire is the toatal destruction of the Aryan race, which is both very perverted, deeply insulting, for which God has giving me His plan to kill the Godless throught the Christian Bible. It is God himself who predestined to protect the Aryan race by killing off these homosexual Godless non mankind inferior denenerates!!!