Monday 23 May 2016. Victoria Day

This past Victoria Day was my second holiday, I spent in Canada, my first holiday as a resident of Canada. The first holiday, I spent in Canada was Canada Day with my mom, when we lived in Seattle, WA. My mom and I spent the day in Victoria, BC. At that day when we visited Victoria, BC for Canada Day, we arrived at our apartment in Seattle, around midnight, because the Access transportation was late. What I do like about nation holidays in Canada, is there isn’t much hype about the national holiday, except for media advertisments for enjoyable activities such as barbeque, traveling, swimming. This past Victoria Day, I walked more than 20 miles, about 6 hours, including eating breaks, several minutes of rest, and beach observations. One of my favorite beach at Stanley Park, was the beach where I saw the racoon, Third Beach. Another sign of God’s wrath was a more than four hours of a low tide, I had lived near the ocean, all of my life so far, I do know there are several high tides and low tides during a 24 hours day. Within 4 hours, enough time had passed for a maximum high tide, then the beginning of a low time.