The Rumor OF Insane Hermadrite Fags Has Gone Global

Yesterday, finally Vancouver, BC, Canada, started the cultural revolution, similar to San Francisco’s cultural revolution which first started with the fags, et cetera among the perverted sexualities, then in San Francisco cultural revolution turn racially. The people become very upset with the manipulation of the media movement which was called among the people as the nigger movement. The cultural revolution in San Francisco was mass racial epithets against the niggers, chinks. People on the streets were calling each other racial epithets, niggers for black, Judin for Judin, Chinks for Asians, mestizin for mestizin, but San Francisco didn’t have a large mestizin population. Also, the people were upset of the tolerate old steorotype of San Francisco, it was massly rumored San Francisco was deeply racially segregated by malicious stares and racial epithets, for that reason the majority of San Francisco resident niggers lived at Hunter’s Point. The mass gossipers, said, I should enter the nigger neighborhood of the San Francisco southern neigborhoods, because, the niggers there don’t like white people. The people hated the tolerant steorotype of San Francisco being tolerant for the fags, also, mass rumors about American large west coast cities were the opposite of the media steorotype, which actual the homosexuals, et cetera, were deeply hated at San Francisco and Seattle. In the Bay Area, Seattle true steorotype was widely gossiped, Seattle ,a  city full of hidden ku klax Klan members, Seattle being the most important major city in America;the ku klax members would kill  non mankind inferior degenerates, fags, et cetera of perverted sexualities.