Sunday 22 May 2016. Insane Judin Hermaphrodite Fags With Non Existing Language

Today, I walked to English Beach in Vancouver, BC. A Judin hermaphrodite fag family went insane, the manifesting of their insanity was the Judin hermaphrodite fag family spoke in an inexistent language. I know the sounds of all the Aryan languages, the Germanic languages (except the English) has what I have code named „Hamburger“ isochrony, along with the interdental sounds. The Romance language sound similar to the Germanic languages except the Romance languages don’t have the code name „Hamburger“ isochrony, the Castilian language sort of has the „hamburger“ isochrony. After my visit at English beach, I walked to the nearby Safeway store, where a Judin hermaphrodite fag female went insane. The Judin hermaphrodite fag female said some phrase in the inexistent language, then the Judin hermaphrodite fag female asked me, „Sie sprechen die Deutsche?“ I responded to the insane Judin hermaphrodite fag female, „Yeah, but you don’t speak good German.“ The Judin hermaphrodite fag female appeared both angered and surprised. I assume, the Judin hermaphrodite fag female surprised was a symptom of her own insanity, also her angered was a symptom of her insanity!!