My Future Plan Of Self Defense Of The Aryan Race

It is true „Hitler is Germany and Germany Hitler is.“ I do feel an ancestral feeling that I am the embodiment of the entire Aryan race but I prefer the term, the Aryans‘ spoke man. I have witnessed the outrageously extremist behavior of the fags, they are a parasite which pose a real deadly threat against the Aryan race, the fags are the worse of the non mankind inferior degenerates because of their manipulation of attempted Aryan genocide which they call „gay pride,“ to further the attempted genocide of the Aryan race, the fags have corrupted the laws, as their attempted genocide against the Aryan race is „freedom“ for the fags to practice homosexual, homosexual propaganda in the mass media which subliminal is a message of genocide against the Aryan race, therefore, when I am King, I will be very strict to defend my people, the Aryan people, the strictness to defend the Aryan people will be as strict as the gays extremism. Because the fags had unlimited power to sexual corrupted, I will be humane for only the Aryan race, I will order my future Gestapo to kill all fags first, no concentration camps, the Gestapo will not be undercover because I do want the non mankind inferior degenerates to be aware of their attempted genocide against the Aryan race. The Gestapo with protected Nazi uniforms will start to kill all fags in sight, they will access records of the fags, where ever the fags may be, when the Gestapo goes out to get them, that location will be the place of the fags death. After the fags are dead them all non mankind inferior degenerates will be killed. For those who wanted for own version of „humane“ death, please that the fags for your own hunted death by my future Gestapo, I am not exaggerating about thanking the fags!!