Today, God Revealed To Me God’s Involvement In Aryan Supremacy

It is Bible based, one can not separate the holiness of God from the Nazism of God. God made in Aryan race to control all life on Earth. It is the Aryans only who were made in God’s picture, and God’s mighty. 1 Mose 1. 26 Und Gott sprach: Lasset uns Menschen (Aryans) machen (pural mighty), ein Bild (a pictures), das uns gleich sei (that equal be with us) die da herrschen über die Fische im Meer und über die Vögel unter alle Himmel und das Vieh (animal creatures) und über alle Tiere (non mankind inferior degenerates beasts) des Feldes und über alles Gewürm, das auf Erden kriecht. What I have learned of the German language is that during a phrase in the German language, similar words ARE NOT repeated because it would make the phrase sound non sense. The definition of Vieh and Tiere has specific individual meanings, Vieh describes the animal creatures, the word Vieh means beast but the additional words of the plural possessive of the Fields describes the degenerate nature of the non mankind inferior degenerates and their proper geographical location of the fields.