Judy’s Twins Of Faith, Charity Avalos Are At Mexico

I knew the twins of the Avalos left Nazi America, because Fabian’s house was empty, without Fabian’s blue van. The Avalos most likely did returned to Fabian’s birth geographic area in Mexico. Before Judy died, Fabian told me himself, the part of Mexico where Fabian lived was not in the violent parts of Mexico nor the widely practiced Satan worshiping at Mexico. Fabian told me the area where Fabian lived at many hotels for international visitors, Fabian explained to me the geographical area was beautiful. Judy and Fabian explained to me the main danger there at tropical Mexico are the wild animals, especially the wild animals which hide in the greenery near the beach. I do know the Avalos twins are aware, I now live at Vancouver Canada, they heard the rumors, Vancouver Canada was slightly shaken by the large global earthquakes. What I don’t know is, if the location where the Avalos live, was hit by large local earthquakes?