Judin Hermaphrodite Fags Regressed To An Emotional State Of Toddler Talk

The Judin hermaphrodite fags mentally regressed to a toddler style of talking, starting on the day I tried to get my medicine filled at „Pure“ pharmacy, in Vancouver BC. The Judin hermaphrodite fag toddlers were born in the former USA. The American English is very noticeable, even in Canada, the American born people can’t pronounced the English language vowels, they can’t pronounced the interdental fricative, but what is most noticeable is the difference in the isochrony of both the English language and the English version of America. The English of Canada is a little more similar to the English language than the English of America. In the English of Canada, the vowels are slightly stressed but not as much as the vowels of the English language, even a very slight isochrony of the English of Canada with the English language, but the similarity of the isochrony is very slight. The American born people in Vancouver BC has regressed to toddler talk, which some gossipers mistaken for imitators of the Australian English accent. The Judin Americans speak English similar to toddlers without pronouncing the letter R, but what was missing from the Judin hermaphrodite fags toddler talk was the isochrony, the interdental fricative, and the English language vowels, even the authentic English of Australia is similar to the English language but the Australian English has less of a similar isochrony, that is the biggest difference between the English language and the English of Australia, the isochrony, the second difference between the English language and the English of Australia are the stronger pronounced vowels sounds in the English language.