My Mom’s Death By The Definition Of The Christian Bible Was An Act Of God

My mom died the next day, after her open heart surgery. My mom was in perfect healthy physical condition after her open heart surgery. My mom does know how she passed into heaven, my mom would say, her death was a miracle, for two reasons, it proves God wanted my mom to be with Him in Heaven, the second, my mom’s death can’t be explained by man’s „science.“ My mom’s death was God’s will. It is somewhat strange, how my mom’s death was the beginning of the Biblical definition of the Tribulation. The year my mom passed, a lot of junk happened in America, the Satan Worshipers were manipulating the laws a placed a Satan idol in the Florida state capital, the popular Nigger Movement, the destruction of Baltimore, Maryland, by nigger riots, the illegal manipulations by most of the levels of government within the former USA, from city mayor, state governors, „Jewish“ worship in the USA capital building by an USA employee. Illegal executive actions, illegal USA supreme Court decisions which violated the separation of Church & State, the legal practice of placing Christians in jail for practicing Biblical verse against homosexuality.