Tuesday 17 May 2016. National Weather Service Censored San Francisco, CA Maximum Temperatures

California is now in the summer time heat wave, during hot weather at the coast, Monterey is cooler than San Francisco and cools down faster after the heat waves end. In same heat waves, the Bay Area can get a sea breeze during certain heat waves, in the afternoon but without a off shore fog bank which indicates cool air over the ocean, the temperatures are very slow to cool, even at downtown San Francisco. It is obvious inland San Francisco had highs in the lower 90’s downtown San Francisco high was near 87, currently it is breezy at downtown San Francisco, the evidence is shown on the satellite images and weather observations around San Francisco, which includes Monterey and inland parts of San Francisco Bay Area. In the satellite images of the Ocean off the coast of San Francisco, is absent of fog, which means a dry air mass, typically at California during the summer and at times of heat waves a dry air mass coincide with heat waves at coastal California, without a cooler air mass over the ocean, even if there is a sea breeze the temperatures will not cool down fast until, two possible outcomes, a distant storm brings in cooler Ocean air or the setting of the sun, then the temperature cools down noticeably.