I Won’t Have Any More Communication With My Mom’s Aunt Alias „Tomi“ & Alias „Estela“

I haven’t disowned „Estela“ nor my mom’s aunt „Tomi“ but I do know they are not concerned for me about being in Canada. The evidence was in the behavior of their daughters on Facebook. Whenever something did happened, such as a death, eventually the news would reach „Estela“ and my mom’s aunt „Tomi.“ Because of that precedence. If both Estela and my mom’s aunt Tomi, were concerned about me, they would had communicated with their family members, including their daughters. I wrote to Tomi’s daughter on Facebook, asking for Tomi’s address. Tomi’s daughter did received the Facebook communication, because she accepted my Facebook friend request. I didn’t like Estela’s daughter’s Facebook account so I tested her. I didn’t write any communication about my current residency in Canada. I left a comment on Estela’s daughter’s Facebook page referring to the truth of Estela, „my mom’s cousin alias ‚Estela.'“ I didn’t get any response from Estela’s daughter, no direct email communication nor a Friend request on Facebook. After I tried to communicate to them via Facebook, the non mankind inferior degenerates started an insane rumor, about I couldn’t have any communication from the Dominion of Canada to the Dominion of America, that insane rumor was proven a lie, as Dora, who lived at Washington Provence did communicated to me on Facebook, however Dora got arrested two times, her replacement. I discovered Dora was the type of Facebook user who posts irrelevant posts, on a frequent bases, it has been almost an entire week, that the replacement Dora hasn’t post anything on Facebook.