I Do Know What Will Eventually Happen To My Residency Status In Canada, I Will Get Canadian Citizenship

Queen Elizabeth is my Paternal Grandmother, I am the next monarch of the United Kingdom and the Common Wealth, because of this, I can’t be forced to leave Canada. I do know, eventually, I will get Canadian citizenship. What I want to do in Canada, is do what I couldn’t do in Seattle, because of the severe anti white racism. because if the severe anti white racism, I couldn’t finish my education, nor get a job which would have an income where I can prosper and do what I desire. I do want to earn an income of my own, travel, and attend Christian concerts. My residency has taught me a lot about my future life in the United Kingdom, now I do know, I am allowed to keep all of my social media accounts, I can wear clothing of my own choice, keep my Youtube account which I greatly appreciate. The only difference about returning to the United Kingdom would be I will be living in palaces with staff. My mom was right about Queen Elizabeth, I asked my mom about picture of Queen Elizabeth among the public, I thought those pictures were fact. My mom told me when Queen Elizabeth is in public people can’t talk to her unless she first talks to them and Queen Elizabeth does carry money to purchase items. I asked my mom, why would Queen Elizabeth carry money with her, my mom explained to me all the money belongs to her. My mom didn’t explained how Queen Elizabeth obtain money but I think my mom told me the truth, some withdrawl from the ministry of treasury. I can have my own private cell phone too with number. I thought my life in the United Kingdom would be very strict, with government issued phone with code numbers, I thought I would be allowed in public because of the security risks, I thought every time I left the palace, I would have to tell my security detail every destination of my outings, but again my mom told me the truth, she told me the Royal family can leave the palaces on their own, my mom told me, at the times, the royal family has security is because, they want company. My mom also told me how the public, interacts with the Queen in public, they have to behave as if they don’t know her.