Friday 13 May 2016, Anti White Racist Female Mestizin At Zionist Social Justise Agency S.O.S

Today, I went to „Mario’s office,“ as the termed was spoken of at the Zionist Social Agency S.O.S. I needed free transit ticket to travel from downtown Vancouver, B.C., to the Canadian government office of Employment and Assistance Income. The distance between downtown Vancouver to the Employment & Assistance Income, is about 5 miles one way direction. At the Zionist social justice agency, an anti white racist female became rageful, after the mestizin asked me „what language do you speak?“ I replied „English and German,“ after, I spoke the word German, the anti white racist mestizin walked quickly to the back room, the anti white racist mestizin spoke with another employee at that room. I only went to the S.O.S office to obtain transit tickets, I knew the question from another S.O.S anti white racist employee had to relevance for obtaining a free ticket, the anti white racist chink question, was if she can make a copy of my Refugee Protection document, the anti white racist chink claimed the copy was for future reference, as if they needed a reference simply, so I may obtain free transit tickets.