My Residency At My Own Apartment In San Jose, CA, America Was From 5 May 2014 Through The 30 April 2016

I lived at my own apartment for less than two years at Casa Real Apartments in San Jose, CA. My apartment itself was OK. I hated everything else, the neighborhood, neighbors, the San Francisco Bay Area, California, being near my mom’s family who didn’t care about me. Since January of this year, I have been isolated from the Avalos family, luckily, I never saw the Avalos family since my trip to Chicago, IL in January 2016. My residency at San Jose started on the 15 of January 2016. Although the plan was, if my mom survived the open heart surgery, I was to remain at Judy’s house, my mom and I planned for the possibility for an extended stay for my mom at a nursing home until my mom fully recovered, at that time, my mom told me I should go to Illinois with my mom’s half brother. Some days after my mom died, I realized I was truly alone, I told Judy, now I am alone, Judy said, Bobby was there but as it turned out, after my mom died, I did become alone. I also explained to Judy, that my relationship with my mom was more of a friendship. When my mom and I moved to Seattle, my mom and I spoke about I wanted to live independently but still live with my mom, my mom wanted my to rent an apartment so the transition to move on my own would be easier while my mom was alive.