Saturday 7 May 2016. Insane Anti White Female Judin Hermaprodite Social Worker

In a few days, I will run out of medications, since many are purposely harassing me about the Protection Refugee here in Canada, I went to the Emergency Room to obtain refills for my medications because I have an appointment this coming Wednesday and because medications are not on the list of medical procedures, it would make sense the doctor which I will see on Wednesday will not refill my medications for the technicality of, medications are not part of the medical procedure. Then an anti white racist female Judin went insane about the definition of the word FORMER. I explained to the anti white racist Judin hermaphrodite social worker, FORMER means past tense, which means I don’t have American citizenship, I also have a Canadian government documentation which I am a refugee and protected by the Canadian government, which also implies, I no longer have American citizenship. The purpose of citizenship is for governmental protection.