When I Lived In Seattle, WA: I Dreamt A Similar Building, Which I Told My Mom


When I lived in Seattle, when my mom was alive, I dreamt of the red building, not the color, but the same geographical setting among evergreen trees, on a hill near the water, it was windy in my dream. The building I dreamt, wasn’t so clear about the purpose, but it was a University, I my dream, I had to check in there but don’t know for what for, then that part of the dream ended, and I dreamt of San Diego, California, the geographical small peninsula South of Mission Beach at a light house, lower on the hillside closer to the Ocean was some type of small structure, in my dream San Diego had a big earthquake and the small structure next to a grass field fell down into the ocean in a landslide, my mom was very surprised and she asked me, „how did you know that was there?“ I explained to her I dreamt of the light house but I haven’t seen in pictures, media, nor in person, the western side of the small peninsula. My mom told me, „God is showing you the truth.“ My mom asked me where she was during the stormy check in at the University and how I felt emotionally. I told my mom I felt excited, and I continue to tell my mom, I didn’t had to call anyone about my location, my mom was totally; not in my dream nor my mom’s descendants nor my mom’s siblings.