The Winter Cold Of The Winter Season Is More Cold At The Pacific Northwest Than The American Midwest

This past January of 2016, I visited Chicago, IL, USA. During my visit at Chicago, the temperatures were slightly above normal but not record breaking warmth, which meant typical warmth for Chicago for those days, I was there. The maxium temperatures were in the 40’s degrees F, minium temperatures were in the 30’s degrees F. Chicago does have cold weather but there is a big difference of the strength of the sunshine at the Midwest compared to the Pacific Northwest. When I lived with my mom in Seattle during a cold snap, my mom and I rode the metro bus, my mom knew eventually, I would feel the coldness of the northwest. During a transfer to another metro bus, we stood in the sunshine, my mom told me, „you noticed the sunshine isn’t hot?“ Then I replied „the sunshine feels warm“ then my mom said „but the temperature is still cold and it doesn’t feel hot, if the sunshine was hot, it wouldn’t be cold right night.“ I did noticed that difference in Chicago, the January sunshine did felt hot, except the wind was cold. So teen degrees F in the Northwest feels much colder then the teens at the Midwest.