5 May 2016, An Insane Sandnigger Degenerate

This morning a non mankind inferior sandnigger went insane, the sandnigger asked me non sense insane questions; if I spoke the mestizin dialect, I don’t comprehend the mestizin dialect; I do however, comprehend Castilian, only, the original form of the Spanish language. I don’t have much knowledge of Castilian, because in my younger years, the English of England and the German language was taught to me at London, UK. That is how, I knew how to read the German language so easily. I do know how to form a sentence in the German language within several minutes, to verbally communicate. It was during my early residence in America, when my mom taught me to understand Castilian, my mom never taught me to read, not even Castilian books, but she did let me read her Bible writing in the Castilian language, I become frustrated by reading Castilian because I couldn’t make sense of the written language of Castilian. I often got confused with the combined words of ours, our, you, plural of you, in addition with time word articles. The sandnigger asked me a cruel and unusual question, I told the sandnigger, „I am German,“ then another cruel and unusual question of my first name Eli, I explained to the Sandnigger, the name Eli, is an English language name, obviously because my name is pronounced with English language vowels. I further explained, E L I, are Roman letters of the alphabet, NOT Hebrew characters.