My Mom Taught Me The Comedy Of The Effect Of Large Distant Earthquakes

One time, my mom was on the cell phone in the bathroom, in our apartment in Seattle, with her daughter in Hollister, CA. Her daughter felt a large earthquake in California. My mom told her daughter to wait on the phone, so my mom would give her observations of the earthquake in Seattle. A candle „jumped“ off from the toilette, my mom yelled a little because the candle was sort of heavy, I did hear, a strong crashed of the candle on the floor, then my mom laughed, because it appeared as if the candle „jumped“ off the toilet to the floor, my mom explained the effects of distant earthquakes to her daughter and explained to her large earthquakes in Spain are felt similar in Germany. whenever, Seattle had a large distant earthquake (items) falling off the  bookshelf, I joked with my mom, „the book tried to commit suicide.“ Yesterday, I did feel the three large earthquakes which occurred in California, the third and last one was the strongest in Vancouver, Canada. The third earthquake was a slow wave then small two small jerks, similar to earthquake which are originated in California.