May 3, 2016. The Effects Of May 2, 2016. Southern California Big Ones (Earthquakes)

During my life time, so far, the location where I left the most earthquakes was in Seattle, WA. I lived with my mom on the 6th floor, there were weeks during my residency in Seattle of feeling small earthquakes from large global earthquakes. These two days in Vancouver, Canada, I have felt the most earthquakes in my life. During the morning, there were mild moderately slow shaking from the eastern direction, from Alberta. The night of the first, several slow shaking earthquakes displayed a picture on a wall. It may be incomprehensible for those people who are familiar to earthquakes, the effects of large earthquakes at distant geographical locations on the planet. The shaking from large earthquakes at distant location feels like, if one is on an airplane, while slight air turbulence. One of the main difference between a local earthquake at feeling a distant large earthquake is the lack of the quacking sound of the Earth and structures, the earthquake waves are very slow but are strong enough to move object. Last night, I did witness the effects of the California big ones of Southern California, a table fell, knocking over a coffee cup which broke (technically earthquake damage), the P wave wasn’t felt but the P seismic wave did knocked down the cup, then a few minutes later a noticeable slow shaking from the southern direction. Because of the science of the earth, the earthquake waves are very slow and last several minutes. The earthquake waves are strong enough to knock oneself from the stairs, if one is not careful. I heard rumors of major damage at San Francisco, CA; landslides at Twin Peaks, mass destruction in Los Angeles, CA. Because of the earthquakes effect at Vancouver, Canada, I do believe the mass destruction of California from southern California’s big one earthquakes, I did feel the three big one earthquakes in Vancouver, Canada. The P waves knocked one item down to the ground, at three separate occasions, then the slow shaking which lasted several minutes, the items fell to the north direction which was caused by the southern location of the earthquakes.