Saturday 30 April 2016. Today At 5pm, My Flight To Vancouver, Canada

Today I a flight from San Francisco International Airport to Vancouver, Canada. I know for sure I will not return to America as a resident, what I am not sure is, when I am in Canada, how long it will take until I can get to London, United Kingdom, again with government agents who don’t have proper authority. I assume in London, United Kingdom, the border agents didn’t gave proper authority, and the only United Kingdom government officials who had proper authority were the government officials near the palaces. It is as if a guessing game about who in Canada has the authority to obey my request, to return to the United Kingdom. Plan B is, if I can’t figure out the guessing game, then I will ask for asylum, for that eventually, I will be seen a Canadian government official who would have the authority to obey my request to return to the United Kingdom. I will further explain the guessing game, my Paternal Grandmother Queen Elizabeth is Queen of Canada which mean I have royal powers in Canada. I know I have the royal power to command a Canadian border agent, to provide me with information regarding how I can return to London from Vancouver, Canada, also I am aware if the Canadian border agent doesn’t obey my royal command, some higher ranking Canadian government official will eventually arrest the Canadian border agent with the death penalty.