April 28, 2016. I Learned More Today About The Gestapo’s Mass Transportation Of Non Mankind Inferior Degenerates To The Concentration Camp

Today I rode the light rail from San Jose, CA to Mountain View, CA the light rail train passed by Moffett Field, Moffett Field is the largest Gestapo transportation I have seen in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the time, the light rail train passed the main entrance of Moffett Field, at least four buses were full of non mankind inferior degenerates who were in large size white buses. Most likely those large white buses were buses of the Nazi government because Moffett Field was government property, most likely Moffett Field belongs to the new Nazi government. The large white buses were heading to several locations through the San Francisco Bay Area, mostly cities in the East Bay, were those non mankind inferior degenerates would transfer to other buses. In the San Francisco Bay Area section (territory or Provence of California) , it makes senses, the main transportation route would be in the Central Valley, from north to south. From the observations I witness this week, there is an economic hierarchy of transportation of the non mankind inferior degenerates, the poor people travel in small white buses which has government plates, non mankind inferior degenerates who can afford to travel, travel by public transportation, by these observations, most likely, the mass transportation of non mankind inferior degenerates; to eventually reach the Concentration Camp in Nevada, may include the Amtrak train system. Because of modern technology, when the non mankind inferior degenerate bodies‘ are destroyed, there is some sort of technological filter, so the destroyed corpse (fire isn’t the only method to destroy corpse in a concentration camp) wouldn’t pollute the air. A „religious“ Judin hermaphrodite fag man was insane in downtown Mountain View, CA saying insanity to his new born baby, I couldn’t hear most of what the Judin hermaphrodite fag man told his baby son, but from what I heard was, the Judin hermaphrodite fag man didn’t love his son, he is willing to give over his son to the Gestapo.