April 28, 2016. God’s Wrath Again Yesterday

Firstly God’s will in my life is very strict. Yesterday I read in the German language Bible verses of Offenbarung (Revelation) after I read the verses of lying Jews who are whoring in Satan’s synagogue, a series of large distance earthquakes occurred. I felt similar to last month, when two strong earthquakes occurred before a few days, I planned to leave for Ireland. I do know God’s will, He does want to to leave for Canada, now I will explain God’s strict will for me, the age of God’s Grace is ending, it will end after the rapture, because God’s grace is ending, the events for the end of the Universe will not end, according to the prophecies in the Bible praying to God (peradventure) God will not answer. When I feel God’s strict will, I feel God’s wrath but for me God’s wrath feels different. Because God is Almighty, I feel an urgency to leave not because of fear or God’s destruction but because God’s will does feel very strict, as if God is telling me, you HAVE to leave now! Today I booked a flight from San Francisco International Airport to Vancouver, Canada for tomorrow at 5 pm. Besides of doing errands of few grocery shopping, wash clothes, I also need to go to the transit center to add money on the Clipper card. Domino’s Pizza will be dinner for tonight.