April 28, 2016. Dream Of The Late Sylvia Lopez

It is almost a certainly, Sylvia Lopez and her sister Lopez Pedersen are dead, before the new Aryan Supremacist government in America both Sylvia Lopez and Lopez Pedersen were in poor health, they may not even had survived the few months they were both in Federal prison before the new government of Nazi America. I had a dream last night of Sylvia Lopez grandson Sam Carlos murdered Sylvia Lopez. The dream I had was triggered by reading of a magazine of the title of „killer DNA“ plus memories of Sam’s very bad behavior. In the dream, Sylvia Lopez was leaning over, near her screen door, Sylvia was facing her kitchen. Sam was in an very angered mood because of Sylvia and Sam ran toward Sylvia in anger, Sylvia fell backwards through the screen door and Sylvia’s hit the outside cement hard enough to cause her death. If all those junk people survived bad health et cetera in Federal prison, it is now likely they are now dead because there is a high likelihood, they were sent to the concentration camps.