I Know Why, Questions Of One’s Nation Of Birth & Ethnicity Is Asked At Hospitals, Et Cetera

By the anti white racist illegal activities at the mental hospital at San Jose, CA, I know why the questions of one’s nation of birth is asked, ethnicity, and religion. It may be used against the hospitals, et cetera, for their discrimination. Before the illegal activities of the mental hospital in San Jose, CA, those questions were unknown to me about the reasons those questions were asked; yes, in former USA, public institutions did gain more financial assistance by colored people and those institutions most likely gain less money for individuals who were born in Europe with Aryan ancestry, that was all I knew, but those public institutions can get into legal problems for similar incidents of the mental hospital in San Jose, CA. I learned by my experience at the mental hospital, when dealing with anti white discrimination, to be very specific about one’s ancestry, for instance, I knew that I should explain the official name of my mother’s birth nation, the German Third Reich in the year 1942, I also declared my ethnicity several times, but then, when it was noticed among the staff at the anti white racist mental hospital, they no longer asked birth nations nor ethnicity.