My Experience At The Mental Hospital In San Jose, CA, In Early April 2016

The hospital where I was in early April, everyone in there were very hypocritical. During one of the group activities, the Buddhist religion was practiced, I complain about the occult activity but the anti white racists workers turn my legitimate complain into discrimination against religion of the Christian faith. Some of the questions were very silly such as something about some sort of emotional skills to return to the „community.“ One of the questions was very general, which I told the truth in my faith in God, but also manipulated the malicious purpose of the question, that questioned to me, the question was „what is your greatest success during your independence?“ I responded, „depending only on God,“ which is true. Everyone I knew are now gone, I don’t interact with anyone. The anti white racist hospital worker became angered at my response, which I felt joy about, because her anger was a confirmation about the intent of that malicious question. The patients, the ones I had conversations with were hypocrites as well. One anti white racist Mestizin fag man whore masturbation in the shower stall. Another anti white racist Mestizin fag man whore seemed too fixated about me. The only thing I did enjoyed about the conversations I did have with the patients was, I was able to discuss about my mom, my mom’s cooking of German style food, the Christian Bible in the German language, I was able to discuss a little of the grammar of the German language. Discussing about my mom was the only benefit I had about being in the hospital, discussing about my mom decreased the feeling of severe grief I had for my mom. Before, I left the mental hospital, I was given a questionnaire of my experience at the hospital, most of the questions on the questionnaire was irrelevant to me, as my answers to those questions were NA; not applicable. There was a question about if I was allowed to freely practiced religion, which my response was no. Then on the bottom of the questionnaire was a „comment“ empty space on the paper, where I wrote „staff should be more sensitive about Aryans born in Europe.“ I remember the discharge process, from when my mom went to the hospital, it is a somewhat thorough process about explaining, the out patient doctor, how to take the medicine, explanation about the location of the new out patient medical center, and for my mom, the doctors explained how to avoid high blood pressure, such as eating healthy food that doesn’t increase blood pressure. At the mental hospital here in San Jose, CA, non of that discharged process occurred to me, I was only given a paper which explained I was discharged from the hospital, was given a time of discharge time of two pm, but I was discharged from the mental hospital around 12 pm. The items, which I took with me, wasn’t thoroughly checked by hospital staff either, instead the staff encouraged me to check for myself, all my personal items were in the bag.