April 22, 2016; More Illegal Activity By Bank Of America

Yesterday, I tired to purchase food at Food Maxx in San Jose, CA; that was when I found out by debit card wasn’t working anymore, which was another illegal activity by Bank Of America. Today, because I couldn’t pay by credit, I went to Bank of America, to withdraw money. Today at Bank of America, I discovered, again, Bank of America did another illegal activity by charging my account $5 for a new card, which is free because of unauthorized transaction. The illegal activities by Bank of America, which is off and on for most of April is frustrating, mainly because it was an inconvenience for buying food but also because Bank of America are a bunch of anti white racist robbers!! Some non mankind inferior degenerates spoke through the Wi Fi and said „wait for the next anti white racist Judin representative,“ that gossiper was correct, the representative was an anti white racist female Judin, who harassed me by asking me irrelevant questions about my account but at least the anti white racist female Judin was able to return the illegal fee to me, that same time, today, I was able to buy food. My new card should arrive in a few days, but I won’t need to do any transactions between then.