April 22, 2016; It Has Been Years Since I Had Fun

The last time, I had fun was with my mom, I would joke with my mom. Today, I decided to sing along to some of my favorite music, I listen to on YouTube, mainly because I wish I could be home in the United Kingdom, hearing the English of England. In Seattle in the Lake City Baptist Church, I was taught the singing rhythm, every letter, sound is pronounced unless, the rhythm is fast. I sung some of Interpol’s song, I noticed a big difference between the English of England and the American English accent, the sounds in English sounds French but because of the strong vowel sound and the other French influence sound of English, singing some genre of music sounds sarcastic in English, such as the music of Interpol. Sometimes the R sound in English is pronounced but it sounds different from American English accent, also English as a slight R sounds, in regular usage. The pronounced sound of the letter R in English, when pronounced is not as strongly pronounced as in America English accent, like the song of the Cranberries when the singer Dolores sings, „my Father, my mother,“ I can’t pronounced that some strong R sound but in America English accent, the R sound can be sound as strong. Today, I discovered that with my residence in America of over thirty years, my English accent hasn’t changed. I discovered the truth of the real English accent by watching YouTube video of David M. actor of NCIS, David Dowe, Anne Lennox, Adele, Rob Stewart, The Nanny show which is shown on UP TV. The differences between the English of England and American English is English has a different spoken isochrony, the Rs are pronounced stronger in American English, both vowels, consonants are pronounced stronger in English, English has a stronger interdental fricative than American English.