April 21, 2016; Today’s Summary

Yesterday, I discovered, apartment complex where I live in San Jose, CA, has temporally residents, which lived here for a few hours to half a day, then those temporally residents are moved to the concentration camp in Nevada. Some of the original neighbors, who has lived here before Nazi America, there „number“ hasn’t yet been required of them to be sent to the concentration camp. I don’t mind the temporally non mankind inferior degenerates residents, surprisingly, some of the non mankind inferior degenerates are cheerful, especially the children. I heard much rumors for the reason of these non mankind inferior degenerates, who are waiting to be sent to the concentration camp, didn’t self deport, when they had the chance to, because, they don’t value their own lives. I heard rumors the Avalos twins were self deported, I have no concerns if the Avalos twins were sent to the concentration camp. I would had preferred Lopez Pedersen and Sylvia Lopez to have their lives ended at the concentration camp. When I arrived at San Jose, today, mass insane non mankind inferior degenerate gossiping of infantile talk about non mankind inferior degenerate male’s „small penis.“ As if those non mankind inferior degenerates were in kindergarten obsessed with penis. On the bus ride to my apartment from King Library in San Jose, CA, a racially mixed (similar to Lopez Pedersen) Judin man subliminally admitted to the truth about the concentration camps at Area 51 in Nevada, as the Judin man told the bus driver, „what do you think about the talk of the concentration camp out in the desert?“ The bus driver didn’t answer, no one else in the bus spoke anything but I noticed a Mestizin fag young man became nervous. Today’s mass insane hysterical grossing of „small penis“ was almost as severe as the insane gossipping, yelling, and sirens in San Francisco, during the time, I was online inside the main library of San Francisco. Today, I did notice municipal cop are either Gestapo, or are under orders from the Gestapo to arrest non mankind inferior degenerates. There was a rumor, yesterday, non mankind inferior degenerates aren’t rescued by deadly health conditions, such as a corpse on the roads, most likely the corpse remains until the Gestapo takes the body. Today in Santa Clara, CA; there was some Gestapo activity at Santa Clara police department, the police department near Santa Clara Caltrain station. When the bus arrived at Eastridge Transit Center, I tried to buy food at Food Maxx, again Bank of America did another illegal activity, by blocking my current credit card before my new credit card arrived. Banks supposed to wait until the new credit card arrives, then the customer suppose to activate the credit card, by activating the new credit card, the former credit card becomes invalid. Now that I can’t use my phone, once I got my new credit card, I would have to go to the Bank to activate the credit card, it is likely I would have to use the bank’s phone to activate the new credit card. Now that the non mankind inferior degenerates are being sent to the concentration camp in Nevada, I noticed, more concentration of people in smaller cities then larger cities; for instance, San Jose, CA has less concentration of people in downtown, San Francisco has a little bit more people and peninsula cities now have more people there, as if Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, was one city, referring to the amount of people concentrated there, also, the southern peninsula has more traffic compared to San Francisco and San Jose. Similarly to the non mankind inferior degenerates in San Jose, San Francisco, the non mankind inferior degenerates on the southern peninsula are severely obsessed, during my walk in Stanford, almost everything I did was widely gossiped, the non mankind inferior degenerates became obsessed with Aryan supremacy trait similarly to the movie „Gattaca“ about Aryan Supremacists genius, strong hearts, ability to walk far. It was somewhat ironic as if the collective gossiping were breaking news reports! Yesterday at Stanford University Bookstore, I looked at an Atlas of the modern world, I saw the maps of the middle East, I wondered where the ancient Biblical nations were located in modern geography or which nations replaced the ancient Biblical nations. The promise land of the Old Testament is very small in geographic size, around the geographical region around Bethlehem, Jerusalem. The Old Testament nation of Samarien is modern day northern Israel. The 12 ancient tribes of Israel don’t exist in the modern times because according to the book of Jeremias, the 12 tribes descendants sin greatly against God, and God cursed the ancient Jews to be racially mixed, die from natural causes and to be kill of by another people. A „religious“ Judin hermaphrodite fag Satan Worshiper stated some religious non sense. First, the „religious“ Judin man admitted the truth of the Old Testament, not by „religious“ Judaism. The „religious“ Judin man stated a phrase motivated by jealously of God who blessed the Aryan race. In Old Testament times, the Aryan race witness the laws to remain racially pure, many non mankind inferior degenerates misinterpreted God’s strictness. God requires spiritual holiness and all types of purity, purity extends to race too. The Aryan race is most close to God because the Aryan race truly loves God, because of our sincere love for God, God did bless and chose the Aryan race, it is God who is very faithful. Yesterday during my walk from Food Maxx an anti white racist Mestizin male fag was insane, the Mestizin fag man didn’t even spoke Mestizin dialect but said some unknown jiberish.