The Movie „War Room“

The movie „War Room“ wasn’t based on the Bible, yes prayers are very important, because God desires for his people to communicate to him, but reading the Bible is more important, through the Holy Ghost, by reading the Bible, that is how God communicates to his people. An insane nigger actress exaggerated the Grace meaning of the Bible; a nigger female was in an abusive relationship with her husband an elderly nigger female exaggerated Grace to forgive her abusive husband. If one reads the Bible there are precedences of when Grace has reach its limits, the Old Testament has many precedences of when Grace has ended. In modern day marriage, the Old Testament guidance is still in effect, it is written in the Old Testament when a couple can divorce, the nigger husband did had an affair, by the Bible, the nigger female is allowed to divorce her husband. The Bible states to think of God continuously, for many that is prayer, for me, it is different, during the day, I observe the creations of God, such as weather, animals, the science of God (also known as the laws of nature) and God’s wrath, as the universe is in the beginning of the end of the age. Since the beginning of the end of age started last year, I do feel God’s presence with me, one of the feelings of God presence is the feeling of predestination with feeling safe.