Witnessing The New Nazi Nation In America Was A Gift From God & My Paternal Grandmother Queen Elizabeth

I knew by my knowledge of the Christian Bible, when someone one wanted doesn’t happen, it was because God had his own plan. In particular, I tried to move to the United Kingdom, earlier this month, that wasn’t God’s will for me, God wanted me to personally witness the end of the USA and the beginning of the new Nazi nation in America. It was also a gift of my Paternal Grandmother Queen Elizabeth, my Paternal Grandmother Queen Elizabeth had government surveillance about the ending of the USA, I was allowed one day vacation in Ireland. One very disappointment was returning the United States to be among the non mankind inferior degenerates who are homosexuals, during the flight from Ireland to San Francisco, I did prayed to God to make a big miracle, specifically to return to the United Kingdom but God did a big miracle, God allowed the USA to fall with lead to the new Nazi nation which lead to the decrease of population of the non mankind inferior degenerate homosexuals in America. God did answered my prayer by bringing British racial laws unto America.