April 19, 2016; More Information About The New Aryan Supremacy Regime

I learned more today about the new Aryan Supremacist nation, the former USA. There certain times during the day, where the non mankind inferior degenerates walk to a bus stop of the Gestapo government bus, it may be likely because of the close distance between the San Francisco Bay Area and Area 51 in Nevada, the non mankind inferior degenerates in the government buses are going directly to the death camps in Nevada. Non mankind inferior degenerates are being picked up for go to the death camps in Nevada from elementary schools, from what I saw yesterday, when I rode BART; I saw students lined up similar to the movie „Bonjour Enfants.“ Several non mankind are jealous of me, it was said by a Gestapo officer, I have privileges because now this nation is an Aryan Supremacist nation, but I am not sure to which privileges were spoken about. During the evening commute, San Jose, CA; the traffic was very minimal, similar to traffic around 2 am during 2014. The drivers were insane as they almost crashed into each other, drove to directions which didn’t make sense, because why would a driver wait for a green light to turn green (one of those 5 minutes lights) then speed of, if that non mankind inferior degenerate driver was aware of their surroundings, they may noticed a short cut. It was stated to me the harassment I currently have is because of the non mankind inferior degenerates rage of their destiny at the death camps, which I am an object of their anger. What is currently happening in the new Nazi nation, is very similar to the movie of „The Boy In the Stripped Pajamas,“ except for several difference, I am the future Fuhrer of both this new nation, the United Kingdom, British Commonwealth, I already have a high level government status in the Nazi nation. Symbolically, the „boy in the stripped pajamas,“ are the remaining non mankind inferior degenerates in the San Francisco Bay Area, the different between the movie, is I know the non mankind inferior degenerates are the racial enemies of the Aryan race. I am not a hypocrite, it is within my personality to be friendly, even to the enemies of the Aryan race, I am aware I can’t trust the non mankind inferior degenerates, nor do I except their fake kindness as a symbol of trust, the few non mankind inferior degenerates, who does fake kindness towards me. I do hate the non mankind inferior degenerates. Because I don’t had been which other Aryans besides my mom and my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun, I learned on my own, the non mankind inferior degenerates are very hypocritical, the prime examples were the late Elizabeth Pedersen, Sylvia Lopez, they lied and shown sibling affection, when truly they both had no sibling love for me. I learned from my mom and the Christian Bible, to first trust people until some evil precedence for which God disowned the Jewish people, which I have experience in America, the non mankind inferior degenerates are a very evil enemy of the Aryan race, which truly the non mankind inferior degenerates does desire to destroy.