The One Thing That Makes Me Sad About The New Nazi Regime In America, Is The Company Of My Mom

I went to the beach today at Ocean beach in San Francisco, where I placed my feet in the Ocean in over two decades. I had many memories of Seattle with my mom, visiting the beaches at Seattle. For me, the mixture of grief and excited was overwhelming, excitement because my mom would be very happy about current Nazi America, the beginning of the end of the world, grief because my mom is not here to witness the change in America. Perhaps loneliness too, because of talking about the Ocean (if my mom was currently alive) I spoke out loud about my observations of the Ocean, plus a sunburn on top of my feet which I got within 5 minutes. San Francisco is much different than San Jose, Aryan Supremacy is much strict in San Jose, CA, not much Judin in San Jose, undercover Gestapo, less pedestrians on the sidewalks in San Jose. In San Francisco, there were some undercover Gestapo, business were closed down permanently in San Francisco too, but the main difference is the pedestrians around downtown San Francisco. In San Francisco, main business corporations are closed but smaller shops are still open, such as pizzerias, pastries stores. The traffic in San Francisco is still minimal, the same as the past few months but I expected much less pedestrian traffic and automobile traffic, considering the strictness of things are, in San Jose. One other big difference between San Francisco and San Jose is the insane hysteria, the insane hysteria is much worse in San Francisco. Judin hermaphrodite in San Francisco were very upset, more than the Judin yesterday at Stanford. It seemed as much of the Judin earlier in the day were arrested because during the return trip to downtown San Francisco, not much people were at the parks nor in downtown San Francisco, which was strange because the afternoon was warm, another thing that was strange; for the first time, I started my visits at San Francisco in October 2016, there were more people at Ocean beach than other parts of San Francisco, the beach itself is San Francisco western city limits which extends at lest 3 miles from north to south, the west, of course, is the Pacific Ocean. Because of a somewhat minimal amount of people around the Main branch Library at San Francisco, it was strange to hear much sirens around the Main Library in San Francisco, after I posted the blog about the new Nazi regime in America, and when I listened to Aryan Supremacist music. The Main Library at San Francisco CA, looked less used than the King Library in San Francisco. The mens‘ restrooms at two not working urinals, two/three not working toilet stalls, very minimal visitors at the San Francisco Main Library. Most of the visitors at San Francisco Main Library appeared very worried, or some emotional shock. Some Judin man behaved as those Satan Worshiper „religious“ Jews. The Judin hermaphrodite man was very paranoid about not touching me and the Judin man appeared to say something in insanity, something not in any language. I don’t understand the insanity among the non mankind inferior degenerates for several reasons, they had plenty of time to self deport, the non mankind inferior degenerates are aware the Aryan are innocent, the non mankind inferior degenerates know about self defense against white genocide.