April 19, 2016. Mass Transportation Of Non Mankind Inferior Degenerates Continue To Area 51

Today, I saw several white buses, which are government buses driven by the Gestapo, those buses hold non mankind inferior degenerates, racial enemies of the Aryan race, they are going to Area 51 for their death, at area 51, is the modern day concentration camp. Several of the residents at my apartment went yesterday to area 51, they have to bring their own food for the ride to Nevada. The rumors of missing acquaintances from non mankind inferior degenerates have begun yesterday at San Francisco, when a middle-aged Judin female was hysterical about her Judin gay son, who was sent away to the death camp. Today, I overheard two non mankind inferior degenerates discussed a dead relative but asked how her relative died the non mankind inferior degenerate female didn’t answer, the non mankind inferior degenerate Judin female had a friend who disappeared, the Judin female prepared a party for her, chicken and cake.