The US Secret Service Were Correct When They Indirectly Spoke To Me

During the last years of my residency at King Arthur’s Court Apartments in Seattle, US Secret Service agents spoke in the hallway on the 6th floor of my apartment building, spoke during my walks in downtown Seattle. One of the things the US Secret Service spoke about, they did wanted Obama to be impeached but were more concerned for mass civil unrest. I knew the executive action for granting immunity for illegal aliens was unconstitutional. The US Secret Service also said, that non mankind inferior degenerates would have the choice of self deport, until a time which  wasn’t disclosed to me, after the time, when voluntary self deport, the remaining non mankind inferior degenerates in America would be sent to a modern concentration camp. Over Canadian air space, the rumors were indirectly about Obama ended the American government by the immunity for illegal immigrants which caused a severe threat of ISIS attacks. I have heard rumors Judin females are being sent away to modern day concentration camps. Over supportive facts are non mankind inferior degenerates complain about unfair treatment by government personnel. The non mankind inferior degenerates are jealous at me because, I can wear German heritage clothing but non mankind inferior degenerate racial clothing is illegal, which is true, I haven’t seen any clothing from any one; which states any other nations, nor any national colors. No one is listening to music any more in the public transport nor walking, cellphone use is very minimal.