April 18, 2016. I Am Learning Much About The New Nazi Regime In America

Today, was my fist trip in Nazi America. In San Jose CA, there are much more Gestapo officers than in San Francisco, CA, in the San Francisco South Bay in general. In the early morning, some Gestapo greeted me by „Seig Heil Eli Hitler,“ something about 21/7. During the ride north on VTA, another Gestapo greeted me with the Roman salute with „Sieg Heil.“ At Eastridge Mall this morning a Gestapo in a light blue uniform, racially questioned a couple, giving them two papers which had genome coding, similar to the movie „Gattaca.“ The non mankind inferior degenerates are hysterical throughout the Bay Area, but somewhat claim compared to their outcome, as if they aren’t really afraid of death. At Eastridge Mall, yesterday morning, it is fascinating about how the Gestapo obtain the DNA genome of the two persons at Olive Garden. I have several questions about the modern day Gestapo surveillance, did the Gestapo did racial research before arresting the non mankind inferior degenerate, obtain their DNA genome before arriving at Olive Garden?