April 16, 2016. Anti White Racism Mafia Activity Confirmed At VTA Public Transportation

Today on VTA bus 522, I rode to King Library, since the anti white racist criminal activities of both Metro PCS, Bank Of America, I don’t have cellphone service, only free Wi Fi. I did use the free Wi Fi, which bus 522 provides to the public free. I did link to my other social media accounts, posts from my WordPress. Now because of the anti white racist „interpretation“ or insanity of their anti white racist „terms & Conditions“ of their Wi Fi, VTA no longer has Wi Fi, it is rumored VTA „clients“ are complaining about the loss of Wi Fi, which made an anti white racist fag man mulattin angry, especially which the anti white racist mulattin insanity was triggered by seeing an ambulance. It is widely known, most likely internationally known, the paramedics around San Jose are a bunch of non mankind inferior degenerate whore fag men, who does their fag whoring in their business, when on break, it is a fact, San Jose fire stations, are fag whore houses!! Again, this morning, some insane non mankind inferior degenerates tried to arrest me again, it was rumored those San Jose police went insane for their Judin men  hermaphrodite fag whoring!!!