April 15, 2016; Day Of Insane Non Mankind Inferior Degenerates Who Were Sociopaths

I paid the cell phone service around the 12th of this month, they due date is the 15th of this month. This morning, I didn’t have cell phone service, I tried to call the customer service of Metro PCS, to discus, I did previously paid the cell phone payment for this month, I didn’t have a connection to Metro PCS. I decided to go to the Bank for the payment statement of the payment I made with Metro PCS. Bank of America is into those sociopathic lies as well as Metro PCS. Instead of the recorded Metro PCS payment transaction, Bank Of America omitted Metro PCS financial activity by posting an unauthorized payment from an „international“ company. The last Bank representative was kind enough to admit the bank’s fault, by admitting the lie about Skypicker didn’t have such a policy, from the previous representative lie about. The female fag hermaphrodite admitted that Skypicker is in the United States and is under American jurisdiction. What angers me about the illegal activities of both Metro PCS and Bank of America is their financial corruption, because, if both Bank of America & Metro PCS didn’t still from me, I would had enough money to eat a little more than I have, I do have food, but I desire to eat at a restaurant. Then by the presents of anti white Judin hermaphrodrites fag fire „men,“ I felt deeply insulted by the Judin hermaphrodrites „victimhood“ of themselves having non existing rights, by their own personal insecurity of their Judin racial degenerate nature, as if gay sex has extra legal protection which is not based in reality, as if the Judin hermaphodrites fag homosexual whoring in their fire station is protected by made up laws which the insane non mankind inferior degenerate Judin hermaphrodite fire men invented to protect their illegal fag whore house that is in their fire station, instead of providing health for the public!!!