VTA Bus 522, Insane Middle Aged Judin Insane Conversation About 4 International „Power Of Attorneys“ Within USA Jurisdiction

Some insane non mankind inferior degenerate went insane about some non sense conversation about 4 types of „power of attorneys.“ There aren’t any 4 types of „power of attorneys.“ „Power of attorney“ is used when an individual can not use their legal powers. In Seattle, the Hospitals were very clear about their policies and of course Seattle is in the USA!!! A „living will“ would be written if an Individual desires specific arrangements in case the hospitalized individual in the hospital becomes disabled to the point of not being able to make legal decisions for themselves. Any licensed attorney which has the education degree of „Esquire“ which is equivalent to the education of doctor of law. Attorneys in America do have different education for different types of specific fields of law but all attorneys have the education degree of „esquire.“ Medical doctors have different degrees for specific medical fields with more specific education in a Medical doctor degree, such as Dentist, Eye Doctors, et cetera. I knew the purpose of the anti white racist Judin hermaphrodite middle age fag, the Judin hermaphrodite fag was trying to make me angry, but the non mankind inferior degenerates always underestimate the insanity of their stories compared to sound reality. The Judin hermaphrodite middle aged fag became very angry when when I stated the reality of the legal system in America, so did an anti white racist nurse chink.